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Marineland Dolphin Adventure

Marineland Dolphin Adventure
9600 Oceanshore Boulevard

Founded in 1937 as Marine Studios, Marineland began as an underwater film studio. In 1938 it was opened to the public as the "Worlds First Oceanarium." Large porthole windows on the side of the Oceanarium gave many their first glimpse at the beauty and diversity of the ocean. Marineland pioneered dolphin training in the 1940's and the animals soon became the stars of elaborate performances wher...e they exhibited aerial acrobatics. The ever growing popularity of bottlenose dolphins, conservation, and education resulted in Marineland evolving from a show stadium environment to a new habitat that allows guests to meet dolphins up close.

 Today guests enjoy an educational experience swimming, touching, feeding, and even painting with dolphins.Experience these amazing animals for yourself and create your own lasting memories at our 1.3 million gallon series of dolphin habitats. Choose from a variety of interactive programs which offer the opportunity to glide into the dolphins' aquatic world.Marineland Dolphin Adventure strives to provide a positive experience for all of our guests, including those with special needs.

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