National Aquarium

501 East Pratt Street

About Us:

The National Aquarium is a nonprofit aquatic education and conservation organization with two locations and one mission: to inspire conservation of the world's aquatic treasures.

In 2003, separate aquariums in Baltimore, MD, and Washington, DC, joined as one "National Aquarium." The National Aquarium venues together hold living collections that include more than 16,000 animals from more than 660 species of fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals living in award-winning, naturalistic habitats.

Transforming experiences reach well beyond the Aquariums' walls. Education teams reach thousands of students each year with activities in schools and in the field; conservation crews and volunteers restore habitats and preserve species around the Chesapeake Bay and around the world; and the National Aquarium venues continue to serve as an economic engine for tourism in the city of Baltimore and as a unique draw in downtown Washington, DC. Through all of its work, the National Aquarium maintains its long-time commitment to serving the surrounding communities.


Megan Brubaker

Saturday, Nov. 11, 2017

The National Aquarium is amazing! A great place for kids and adults alike. You can see sea creatures from around the world, as well as creatures from the rain forest and Australia. The National Aquarium also has a 4D theater, and seeing their Shark 4D was one of my favorite things. My other favorite thing was getting to touch jellyfish at one of their hands-on (touch) stations. Overall, it was a marvelous family experience.

Stephen K

Saturday, Dec. 23, 2017

Loved this aquarium. Went here on Christmas weekend with my girlfriend. It is very close to alot of shopping areas, and food. The exhibits are superb, I especially liked the dolphin show and the puffins. Very child friendly, there's even a movie theater to take your kids to some educational videos if you are inclined. I can't wait to come back and take the behind the scenes tour!

Amy Schroeder

Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2018

Well worth the money! So many exhibits that you won’t find anywhere else. The staff was very knowledgeable and eager to provide insight. Can’t wait to come back again!

Natalia G

Friday, Jan. 5, 2018

Very nice, educational, interesting place with a wide variety of animals, fish, and plants. Includes a replica of a rainforest, the Australian outback, a coral reef, and more. Lots of sharks and two new petting tanks. However, it gets pretty busy and there can be lots of children running wild.

Sauron The valiant

Friday, Jan. 5, 2018

My family and I love coming here. We have had a membership for three years now and use it as our defacto outing. The staff and volunteers are always amazing, friendly, professional, and helpful. We could not ask for a better gem in our crown for the city of Baltimore