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Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium

3701 South 10th Street


Promote and encourage recreational activities for the public in the context of wild animals and their habitats.

Promote, establish and maintain educational activities and programs to enhance the knowledge of the general public and the Zoological staff in all areas relating to the natural world.

Promote conservation of rare and endangered species of plants, animals and their natural ecological systems.

Promote and undertake research programs related to the goals of zoos.


Heather Huntrods

Tuesday, June 12, 2018
We love going to the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium! They have great exhibits and are working hard to improve animal habitats. They are family friendly, with activities suitable for all ages, especially with their addition last year of the kids adventure area and Alaskan splash pad. Handicap accessible and have options to rent wheelchairs and electric scooters, and a tram with four stops around the zoo. Nursing mother friendly with one nursing area and another being built, as well as great family bathrooms and changing areas. Several types of food available at different locations, although they are quite overpriced. They allow you to bring in foods and drinks if you would rather not buy it from the zoo. Members receive a discount on food, merchandise, and rides.

Alison & Justin Rediger

Wednesday, June 13, 2018
Best. Zoo. In. The. World. Lied Jungle is an architecture marvel and it’s already 20 years old. Aquarium is awesome (and most zoos are separate from a city’s aquarium). Tree too adventure is like an amusement park in and of itself. My son loves the helicopter and trucks he can drive by the lions. That you can watch Elephant and Zebras drinking at a watering hole while you eat a’s brilliant! I love going to the zoo as much (or more) than my kids.

Lorin DeBellis

Friday, June 1, 2018
I saw signs around town for the "World's Best Zoo" and my initial thought was "In Omaha? Really?". But they weren't kidding. I spend 4 hours walking around and still didn't get through all the exhibits. There are so many uniquely themed habitats that add to your immersion when viewing a wide variety of species. The aquarium is beautifully designed and even though the place was crowded, foot traffic flowed smoothly so I always felt like it was easy to get time to view each exhibit. The cave and swamp exhibits were particularly magical and I hope to get a chance to visit Omaha again so I can go back. Definitely enough to do for a full day of adventure!


Monday, May 21, 2018
Great place for families of all ages! Seeing all the animals and attractions in one day and fully enjoying them almost isn't possible, so it's best to plan out the things you definitely want to see before you go so you can hit as many as possible if you're just going for a day. A train ride is a must in my book and was very informative and as always, so fun. We plan to hit the ski lift style skyfari next time, along with Stingray Beach which we didn't end up having time for. So very much to do and see at this zoo. Also, for anyone with any mobility problems or limitations, I highly recommend renting an electric scooter for the day. It makes getting through the zoo with loved ones a breeze and without the hassle of any of them having to break themselves pushing you up the many hills and overall makes the experience far more enjoyable. Well worth the additional $28, hands down. The giraffes, elephants, big cats, gorilla's and aquarium were big hits today, but we truly did enjoy the whole experience. All the staff was very friendly and helpful which only added to that joy. Take note, this zoo is a bucket list zoo, named world's best zoo for a reason and if you can manage, I highly recommend hitting it on multiple days if you want to see and experience all there is to see and do. We will definitely be planning another trip sometime this summer and I can hardly wait. Opted to just enjoy the day, so didn't take many pictures, but these two could not be passed up.

Troy Shramek

Wednesday, May 30, 2018
This Zoo is outstanding and while many would call Nebraska a fly-over state; this attraction thwarts that assumption. I grew up in Nebraska, but spent the last 15 years in San Diego. San Diego is famous for many things, including their world class Zoo. However, I personally enjoy Henry Doorly Zoo much more. I know people are often enamored with the Pandas at San Diego Zoo, but the multitude of attractions (especially the Desert Dome), convenient parking, lack of excessive crowds (at least compared to San Diego Zoo) and fair prices make Henry Doorly much more accessible. This Zoo is a real gem that warrants a trip to Nebraska on its own, and should not be taken for granted by its residents.

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