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Shedd Aquarium

Shedd Aquarium
1200 South Lake Shore Drive

Mission and Values:

At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference.

That's our mission. This is how we fulfill it: We're cool teachers, creating experiences in which learning is fun. We're dedicated stewards, caring for animals, people and the living world. We're great managers, running a model organization.

And it goes deeper, to the fundamental ways in which we act towards our guests and each other: Teach and learn something every day. Create an environment of fun. Be a connection to the collection. Be courageously creative. Be passionate.

Whatever the job - feeding the fishes, training the whales, teaching a class, answering a guest's question, creating a menu, planting a garden, sweeping the floor - we do it with a sense of stewardship, quality, integrity and respect. Count on it.

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