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Chicago - Shedd Aquarium

1200 South Lake Shore Drive

Mission and Values:

At Shedd Aquarium, animals connect you to the living world, inspiring you to make a difference.

That's our mission. This is how we fulfill it: We're cool teachers, creating experiences in which learning is fun. We're dedicated stewards, caring for animals, people and the living world. We're great managers, running a model organization.

And it goes deeper, to the fundamental ways in which we act towards our guests and each other: Teach and learn something every day. Create an environment of fun. Be a connection to the collection. Be courageously creative. Be passionate.

Whatever the job - feeding the fishes, training the whales, teaching a class, answering a guest's question, creating a menu, planting a garden, sweeping the floor - we do it with a sense of stewardship, quality, integrity and respect. Count on it.


Rob Hydell

Thursday, April 19, 2018
If you go out to the zoo bring a picnic and enjoy the amazing view of the city and the lake from out back of this location. I included a bunch of pictures of the view so you can see what I am talking about This place is pretty awesome for the middle of country (usually the good aquariums are in near the ocean in my opinion). If you are a local and have some volunteer time on your hands I highly recommend you reach out to them to volunteer. You get free admission to all the museums in the city and free passes for your friends and family. Not to mention you get to see the cool inner workings of the aquarium. It's really quite cool and you get to give back to the community as well.

Myra Longaker

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Really great Aquarium. Amazing Building!! The architect and details are Mind blowing. Id give it a 5 star. But. The otter is well advertised but Not easy to see. Still had a Wonderful time. Incredible to think this place literally brought back FL. Ocean water from Key West when it opened in 1930.. did it for several years. Wow!

Clay Lubbers

Thursday, April 5, 2018
We continue to love Sheds. A great spot visit with many unique species. I am from the Midwest and I still enjoy seeing my local species almost more than any other. The pale dolphin show is also very enjoyable, my kids loved it! Remember, if you're a teacher you get free! Get your tickets ahead of time online to save waiting when you get there.


Monday, March 26, 2018
Really nice aquarium to bring the family. Prices are on the higher end, but it is on the the Chicago lakefront. It is well kept and the staff is very helpful. Parking can be expensive and very limited. Be sure to keep an eye out and visit during the least crowded times for the best experience. I recommend going all in and getting the 4d show and Oceanic Experience (dolphin show). Well worth it to see the amazing creatures in action.

Dawn Wisch

Monday, April 16, 2018
The aquarium itself is 5 star BUT the parking situation takes it down probably to a 3 star. I would swear they had a garage years ago. We have 2 under 3 one with unique needs, and 2 older kids plus and I'm pregnant...we had to valet for $26 and we were luckily the last car before they filled was raining and freezing still a walk to the building outdoor even from there. The valet was a very nice man and we were grateful for his generous acceptance of us before calling it full! The staff was helpful and friendly. The amount of elevator riding ya do with a stroller is outrageous and honestly ruined the experience for us. The levels are confusing and not marked well inside elevator. The food was EXTREMELY overpriced(4 people $50 for basic burgers n fries) but was quite delicious. They are def not handicap friendly. People are rude and don't make room for small children in strollers to view an area so you have to be agressive to get in and see things. There are zero ramps it's all find an elevator to get where you can access what everyone else easily can get too. The gift shops are everywhere and have nice items for way more than they should be charging! We won't be going back to Shedd for a good 10years it'll take that long to forget some of the crappy things! I will say the kids LOVED the exhibits so overall we were happy to have made the trip.

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